Traditional cod cut dipped in olive oil for hours and roasted in flames.
Served with punched potatoes, white rice, onion and garlic.

Bar do Mercado
Roasted cod cut, garlic cloves, potatoes, tomatoes and onion

Gomes de Sá
Baked cod cuts, onions, tomatoes, pepper mix, black olives and special seasonings.
Served with white rice

Shredded cod with milk cream, onions, and spinach cream with parmesan au gratin.
Served with rice with flaked almonds

Cod Rice
Prepared with tomatoes and broccoli


Grilled Tambaqui
Served with broccoli rice and sauté potatoes

Grilled Robalo
With herbs sauce and served with raisins rice, saffron and banana plantain

Grilled Salmon
Served with Mediterranean salad and citronete sauce

Yellow Fish Filet
Served with pilaf rice, broccoli and curry

Positano Squid (Awarded dish at Boteco Bohemia Festival)
Grilled, with garlic cloves comfit and served with Italian bread

Moqueca Bar do Mercado
White rice, fish and seafood cooked on a bed of onions, tomatoes, parsley and special seasonings. Served in capixaba clay pot.

Seafood Rice

Octopus Rice