Bar do Mercado, a Salutary Habit

A jewel in broad W3 Avenue.
To be in the Bar do Mercado feels like being part of a movie scene. A cinematic decoration, colors and shapes that seem to be in motion, the wealth on the details in every direction you look.

Moreover, the bar still enjoys the scent and the environment of the Mercado Municipal, making it unique.

Eating and drinking in such a singular place as the Bar do Mercado, in the sounds of the chords of chorinho is nothing but a privilege. The chatting flows in a casual and fun environment.

In a surprising and attractive menu, we can highlight two items that have conquered our costumers: Pastel de Bacalhau (Cod cookie) – thin piece of wheat dough of a rectangular shape filled with cod – and our traditional Mortadella Sandwich.

Quality and variety complete the scene while our Brahma Chopp – ice-cold and creamy – wanders through the three environments, over the pleasant service.

When we are on the mezzanine within the Brewery, we have the great view of the entire space. The panorama that unfolds is really magical and allows us to glimpse the great sensitivity of Jorge Ferreira: uniting cultural and architectural expressions of the past and present, creating new prospects for the immediate future. The importance of preserving historical values in all areas, establishing generous coexistence with modernity.

The wine cellar holds only the best, in the very ideal temperature for a great wine experience. Poetry and prose in the sequence of scenes that has no end.

Thus, Jorge Ferreira used to say: If you are going to do something, better do it with the heart.

Bar do Mercado - W3 Avenue- Block 509, South. Brasília.

The legacy of Jorge Ferreira

The legacy of Jorge Ferreira is inestimable. He was born in Cruzília, Minas Gerais state, Brasil. His close friends called him, affectionately, Jorjão .

Jorge was passionate about life, family, friends and Brasilia. As a sociologist, teacher, poet, businessman, trade unionist, entrepreneur, developed rare talent for creating spaces that gather simple gastronomy, with quality, culture, music, literature. And he always made sure to decorate all the spaces, in each detail. Rigorously.

The houses where all of this has been done are the most representative spaces when we talk about humanizing and socializing in Brasilia, nowadays: Restaurante Feitiço Mineiro, Pizzas and Pastas Gordeixo 306, Bar do Mercado, Bar Brasilia , Bar do Ferreira at Pier 21 and Águas Claras, Bar Brahma , Trattoria Peluso – Italian cuisine , Mercado Municipal and Armazém do Ferreira, which shares space with the Café do Brasil and Bar do Brasil.

An artwork made in the last 25 years. Jorge Ferreira died in July of this year of 2013, expanding the meaning of the perennial and the eternal, in the frailty of life.